Top 7 Mongolian Fur Pillows & Cushions of 2018

While they are not in particular order by any means, our top and most recommended choice would be the SPLR brand, as they have great reviews, with amazing choice of colours and size selections, AND with top speed shipping in case you are in a hurry.

SPLR’s Authentic Mongolian Fur Pillows

The SPLR brand is the best choice as they offer amazing quality with real and authentic Mongolian fur at very reasonable prices. You have great choice of selection with varying colours and sizes that can suit your needs. While this particular pillow is natural white, you can choose from other darker colours and size choices. Click here for more selections.

SLPR Home Collection Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover, 20 x 20, Natural
235 Reviews
SLPR Home Collection Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover, 20 x 20, Natural
  • Soft, luxurious feel and touch
  • One-sided, micro-suede back with zipper
  • Suede backing for extra support and grip

Lichao’s Sheep Fur Cushions

Imported from local nomads, the Lichao brand is as authentic it can get. There are various styles and playful colours and texture you can choose from. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try mix of colours, try this particular throw. This can match really well with white or navy blue sofa and balance it out.

Lichao Ombre Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover Luxurious Sheep Skin Cushion Cover Soft Plush Curly...
19 Reviews
Lichao Ombre Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover Luxurious Sheep Skin Cushion Cover Soft Plush Curly...
  • ELEGANT and LUXURIOUS : 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Fur with Long Curly Plush. Luxuriously soft & beautifully crafted. Experience of Super Softness, Elegance and Comfort. This high level of super soft and Luxurious cushion cover is worth obtaining at...
  • CONVENIENT :Micro-Suede backing with Zipper closure which improves the appearance and provides easy insertion and removal .Size: 16''x16'' inch / 40 x40cm (square), sold WITHOUT INSERT
  • GOOD PRICE : Super Value-On the same quality Mongolian cushion cover ,we offer wholesale price to customer directly compare other exorbitant retailer price tag of other retailers

Otherwise, for more brighter colours such as yellow, pink, and blue, see more selections.

Rose Feather’s Mongolian Wool Pillows

If you are looking for bigger sizes and cushions that will fill out your sofa and your home, the Rose Feather brand is the perfect fit for you. Their sizes go all the way up to 26″ x 26″, so for people who live in bigger houses or for someone who is looking for some snuggling and comfort whenever you take a nap or when you want to get cozy, you HAVE to get these.

ROSE FEATHER Real 100% Tibetan Mongolian Lamb Sheepskin Wool Fur Super Soft Plush Leather Pillowcase...
59 Reviews
ROSE FEATHER Real 100% Tibetan Mongolian Lamb Sheepskin Wool Fur Super Soft Plush Leather Pillowcase...
  • Pillow Cover:Dimensions (each)-26x26inch,Color-Black,Front-Luxurious real mongolian lamb wool fabulous-feeling,Back-faux suede,hidden zipper closure for easy care.
  • Add style to any room.Also ideal as a pillow cover across your sofa and favorite armchair. Rose Feather comfortable pillow cover suitable for car, school, bedroom, room, sitting room ,dinning room,office, coffee shop, travel and naps ,etc.A good gift...
  • Wash Tips: To clean, wash in cold water by hand or in your machine on the gentle cycle, air dry or tumble dry on low when needed.Don't bleach,don't iron,hand dry.

You can choose from various colours such as pink, gradinet pink, brown, white; click here for more selection. Stock don’t usually last, so make sure to get your order in early if you want to make it on time.

Unite Down’s Collection of Throws

Another major brand out there on the market is Unite Down. They have excellent quality authentic fur that will make you go wild. This pink pillow cover, will look amazing on white sofas and couches or if you’re going for a more feminine, clean, and modern look, this can be a great addition to your collection as well.

unite down Deluxe Home Decorative Rectangular Soft Plush 100% Real Mongolian (Tibetan) Lamb Wool...
1 Reviews
unite down Deluxe Home Decorative Rectangular Soft Plush 100% Real Mongolian (Tibetan) Lamb Wool...
  • Please Note: This price only pillow case,no pillow insert !!!
  • Front Panel: 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Wool; Back Panel: Faux Suede
  • 100% Warm And Cozy Mongolian Lamb Sheepskin Fur Wool,Natural Mongolian Lamb Fur Of True,And Support For Testing.Zipper on the back panel

Otherwise, you have other funky colours such as teal green and dark brown to choose from with larger sizes. See selections here. Like all the other pillows above, this comes with suede back panel with a hidden zipper.

Occasion Gallery’s Best Selection

If you are looking for something vibrant and full of colour, then you have to give Occasion Gallery brand a try. Not only are their pillows fully authentic with exciting colours, but you also get interesting shapes and sizes, mainly rectangle.

Occasion Gallery Cobalt Blue Color Real Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow, Filled. 12 Inch X 20 Inch Oblong
24 Reviews
Occasion Gallery Cobalt Blue Color Real Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow, Filled. 12 Inch X 20 Inch Oblong
  • Cobalt Blue Dyed Color, Real Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow, Filled. 12 Inch X 20 Inch Oblong
  • Imported
  • Mongolian Lamb Fur Design Pillow Cover and Insert. Decorative Throw Pillows for Sofa or Bed.

The rectangle shape and size will match perfectly with L shaped or long sofas. Since you have various choices of colour with Occasion Gallery, you won’t find any difficulty matching their throws with your couch or bed.

Saro Lifestyle’s Top Choice

Similar to Occasion Gallery, Saro Lifestyle brand also offers amazing selection of colours and unique styles. You probably might end up being wonderstuck by all the choices to choose from.

SARO LIFESTYLE 100% Wool Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow with Poly Filling, 20', Ice Blue
11 Reviews
SARO LIFESTYLE 100% Wool Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow with Poly Filling, 20", Ice Blue
  • Size: 20" square
  • Solid color on the back
  • Fiber: 100% wool + Care: spot clean only

Though there are great colours and unique shades to pick, it does come at the cost of being a little more expensive than the other fur pillows on the market. However, if you love how it looks and fits with your living room, why not give it a try? It might be well worth the investment.

Other Complimentary Products

If you are still trying to decide what type of sofa and furniture you want to mix and match with the pillows or perhaps looking for tips and tricks on spicing up your living room, feel free to check out our blog and articles.

Also, if you haven’t already, try these amazing Mongolian fur rugs and blankets that might compliment your pillows and throws.

Why Choose Mongolian Fur?

Compared with other fabrics and products out on the market, you get real genuine fur without hurting the animal whilst supporting local small economies to develop, so it’s a win win when it comes to ethical reasons.

However, on a more practical side, Mongolian sheep are a different breed compared to rest of the world. Since they grow up in a harsh environment and have a healthy organic diet + lifestyle, their fur tend to grow more thicker and longer compared with sheep around the world; their fur is unmatched!

It’s extra fluffy, smooth, and thick with amazing texture, so it’s not only great for decoration purposes, but it so comfortable on the skin.

Why Decorate Your Home With Mongolian Fur Pillows

Mongolian and Tibetan fur pillows are hitting the markets and is having great success. The unique style and character that real and authentic lamb fur can give is unmatched.

They are warm, cozy, and fluffy, which is great for snuggling and decorating your home with a welcoming atmosphere. It can be a great addition to your home interior, as Mongolian and Central Asian cultural blend can give your home an exotic feel and look that everyone will envy.

When choosing our top 8 picks when it comes to Mongolian fur throw covers, we based it first and foremost, on authenticity and whether they are genuine Mongolian wool. Other factors include overall satisfaction from customers, choice of colours and sizes, and shipping service.

Is It Cruel or Ethical?

Before you actually make your purchase, you might be wondering whether lamb fur is cruel or ethical, and I don’t blame you because most often the animal has to be slaughtered to produce fabric, however, that is NOT the case with Mongolian animals and livestock because the Mongolian nomads’ livelihood depends on the well being of their flock of sheep and animals.

mongolian countryside with sheep

Mongolian livestock are free to roam the countryside during the day and eat naturally and organically grown grass of the steppe and animals tend to be very strong and healthy. The nomads make a living selling their fur, wool, milk, and other various products to the local villages and businesses.

Being from a country and an environment that can go to both extremes of hot and cold, Mongolian sheep have adapted to grow thick and fluffy fur during the winter months and shed during the summer months (which is why their fur and wool are considered one of the best in the world).

Though they naturally shed, if they are not sheared by the nomads, the sheep do suffer from heat during the summer, so the nomads give them a nice haircut so the sheep stay cool and happy in exchange for their wool and fur.

So if you have been hesitant about buying Mongolian fur pillow, don’t worry, the animals are well cared for and have a healthy and happy life. Your purchase actually supports the local economies and nomads who export the wool and fur.

How The Fur Made?

You might think genuine Mongolian fur is produced in factories and machines, but that’s rarely the case. Mongolia, being a vast country that has 10 times more livestock than their actual population, is a major exporter of cashmere, wool, and other various animal products & fabrics.

nomad woman shearing sheep

Sheep and lamb naturally shed little by little as they get fluffy and puffy during the summer, but it’s a long process and the animals can suffer due to excessive heat retention, so during the late spring, nomads tend to shear them and collect their wool for selling. Normally it takes about a few minutes to get a good shearing done.

The sheep naturally shed, so why not help the sheep stay cool and cozy, whilst nomads support their livelihoods?

What Is The Wool Used For?

Not only are sheep wool used for making super comfortable pillows, but did you know the nomads themselves use it to make their traditional deel and their gers?

Since lamb fur tend to retain heat really well and since Mongolia can get really cold during the winter, it’s acts as a great insulator during the cold winter months.

Besides that, the fabric is used for other products such as coats, jackets, rugs, etc.

How Do You Wash The Covers?

The best method is to not get it stained or dirty in the first place, but we all know that’s never going to be the case, so here are a few tips.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the cheaper and more convenient way of cleaning your pillow. Just grab a damp cloth and dab it in non-enzyme/bleach free detergent and wash away away the stain. This is good for small spots and stains, otherwise you will have to get it professionally cleaned.

Machine Washing

This is never recommended and can ruin the fabric, so please don’t machine wash. BUT, if you need to and have no other choice, use cold water on gentle cycle with non-enzyme detergent that is not as harsh. Please DO NOT tumble dry or try to iron the pillow as you will be doing more damage.

Professional Cleaning

If you want to make your sheep fur pillow last, then professional dry cleaning should be the way to go. Though it may cost a bit extra, with professional dry cleaning you can have your throws and cushions last for years, whereas machine and hand washed pillows tend to lose their colour and firmness. So please get it dry cleaned if you can.