What I am going to share with you in this article might go against the usual bullshit about 1, 2, 3, 4, different types of houses you should buy. No this is going to go deeper into what you want out of life and why you want to buy a house in the first place. So be prepared to dive deep into philosophical aspects of making choices and life in general.

Reflecting on your childhood to choose your home

You would be surprised to find out why you like the things you like. While growing up, until the age of 6, your exposure to certain way of lifestyle, the experiences you’ve had shape your subconscious mind.

Do you ever have moments where you’re just drawn to something or someone but don’t know why? Most likely your subconscious mind feels a deep familiarity and comfort with whatever experience you are having.

While we don’t necessarily like being compared with our parents and siblings, they leave their hidden footpring, and your upbringing greatly affects what kinds of people you are attracted to and what makes you feel like you are home.

Personally, I always felt more drawn to nature and the open landscapes. I never really understood why until I started to think about how I grew up, and then it hit me. Most of my childhood was spent alone out in nature, and in college, and to this day, that’s where I feel the most comfortable.

So when you are choosing a house to buy, you try going back to your roots and reflecting on your past.

Values and principles when you’re buying a house

Your life is about following the things you value and principles. Don’t let society tell you differently and make you believe in something else.

A happy life is where you have the freedom and choice to live according to your values and principles. Most people say goals in life, but when you start thinking about goals, you end up in perpetual cycle of chasing something and not actually living.

Instead make a list of things you appreciate, enjoy, and love. Then try to figure out why, what about it makes you feel good.

As an example, I personally value sustainable and minimalist living. That’s how I grew up and I’ve always been conscious about keeping the earth green. Loud parties and city life don’t appeal to due to how detached it’s from nature.

However, everyone is different. You might value different things and find enjoyment in other hobbies and way of lifestyle.

So instead of buying a house that just looks nice, try to see if it will allow you to live according to your values and principles in life. It wouldn’t make sense for me to buy a luxurious penthouse in the middle of the city centre despite its many perks.

Fitting your hobbies and interests into your new home

Now that we’ve outlined some the important and deeper aspects when it comes to choosing a home, make a list of certain hobbies and interests you have. You will be creating your world to your liking and shaping it to your liking.

Hence, if you like lifting weights, you want a house that has a basement that will fit a small personal gym. If you like singing, you might want a home that has a small room that will fit a few instruments.

This will depend on each individual, so how big or how small you want your home to be is up to you.