A Journey into the life of a Minimalist

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Minimalism at the heart, is being happy and content with things that are important to you and living with things you only need and not accumulating excessive junk.

There is something peaceful and comforting about living a life without much responsibilities and not having things to bog you down. The famous quote from Fight Club “The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” always rings to me personally.

Advantages of being a minimalist

People will sometimes criticise you for not having enough or not going with the usual trend of things, but at the end of the day, it’s your life and you choose how you want to live it.

Sometimes having less is more. There is more mental freedom because you don’t have other unnecessary things to worry about such as car payments, lease, storage fees etc. It’s amazing how a lot of people hold onto things that don’t serve them or don’t use. Perhaps it felt good when we bought that cool looking fluffy sweater for Christmas, but sometimes you just got to let it go.

When you let go, and free yourself from the materialism and the need to possess things, we start to live in the present moment and appreciate things for what it is.

Some people may measure your success based on how much bling and glamour you have, but if you give into what other people think of you, you are just living a life based on lies and not according to your personal values and beliefs.

Minimalism teaches you to live a life that you value. If you wanted to get an RV and life a simple lifestyle, that is your choice, don’t let other people tell you differently.

It’s the freedom you get to experience in your life and having the mobility and the opportunity to do the things you want with it.

You are not crazy, trust me

Depending on trends and culture, a significant number of people will want you to conform to their standards. Go to college, get a good job, get a family, get a house, get get get.

It’s mostly about getting and actually receiving and living.

Not everyone aspires to be the same thing or want the same thing. We all are different from each other with different quirks and traits. Have you ever felt:

  • At peace when left in nature
  • Didn’t need to party to feel good
  • Learning different perspectives in life
  • Always had odd interests
  • Never needed things to be happy

Then perhaps, you are just naturally a nomad and a wanderer who loves to travel and there is nothing wrong with that. Certain people will tell you to be realistic, to be responsible, to grow up, to stable, etc, but at the end of the day, they are trying to conform you to their way of life.

You are not crazy and your are not weird for wanting to live a life that’s a bit different from what most people have.

Your Home As A Minimalist

Most of your belongings happen to be practical and logical with its own purpose. There are rarely things that are there “just because”. A minimalist’s house can be pretty empty and spacious, but that’s just how we like it.

Room to be free and comfortable. As long as we have the things we need that are most important to us, we have everything we need and don’t necessarily buy things for decoration.

However, interestingly enough, minimalism in the form of interior design has been becoming more and more popular, so perhaps people are starting to wake up.

Your Friends As A Minimalist

Rarely do minimalists keep friendships for the sake of being popular or cool. Usually the people we surround ourselves with are quirky, travelers, or people with interesting stories to tell.

Quality and a human connection has always been an important aspect of true friendships and most minimalists strive just for that. There aren’t many “friends” or “social circles” that we have, but a group of people we trust and feel the most connected with.

Careers and Jobs As A Minimalist

Perhaps this is the disadvantage of being a minimalist or having a minimalist personality.

You can’t sit still or you tend to get bored of things very easily, hence you can end up moving from one thing to the other easily without being very consistent.

Though minimalist types of people tend make the best entrepreneurs, because they are striving for an idea or a purpose most of the time and have more mental freedom to pursue those things. Some examples being: Steve Jobs, Da Vinci, etc.

As long as there is guidance and clarity for knowing what it is one wants, a minimalist’s lifestyle and career can be full of memories and stories that people dream of having. Exciting jobs usually appeal to us and work that allows us to travel, meet different people, and learn different perspectives are mostly what we are after.

Being comfortable being different

At the end of the day, it’s something we minimalists all have to accept and be comfortable with. Society will go on as usual with or without us, and on certain occasions majority of people will not understand your point of view or perhaps see it as even reckless and irresponsible, but it’s a lifestyle we all choose and it’s a way of living that gives us happiness and purpose.

Don’t let any other tell you differently and sway you away from what it is you truly believe in.